Frequently, paintings reach a pivotal moment, a crisis point really, when they are completely stuck, and need to be destroyed in order to move forward.  The paralysis is a function of my trying to control the painting and overthink it. 

I often don’t know I am in that space until the rupture occurs and I’m on the other side of it.  In the case with this painting, the blow up involved laying down thick strokes of gesso, folding the unstretched painting in half and walking on it to create a large Rorshach design, which reoriented my thinking and allowed me to move forward.  My best paintings happen when I loosen my grip on the reins and nearly fall out of the saddle.

Featured Painting:
“Interpreter of Dreams” Ink, acrylic, spray paint, glitter, and oil on collaged canvas, 63 x 82″.