My Story

I’m a painter’s painter. My formal art education began at Mount Holyoke College and continued at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, where I received my MFA and was mentored by Grace Hartigan, Hermine Ford, and Salvatore Scarpitta, among other important artists.

Three decades later, I continue to push myself and my work with honestly, commitment, and fearlessness. Deep diving into

“In their visual sophistication and experiential presence, Cheney’s works give rise to an experience; her works unfold under the viewer’s close attention, viscerally, and in some duration, as a seed might germinate in the presence of the sun.  The viewer’s process of seeing the paintings mirrors the artist’s process of making them.  Seeing them is physical.  To see them is to watch them undergoing their subtle shifts of material and topography in a push-pull relationship: they draw you in, and like the palette knife excavates the layers below, they scrape you away.”


 Amy Rahn, Ph.D, Asst. Professor of Art History & Charles Danforth Gallery Director, University of Maine at Augusta


My Recent Work

Double Refraction

Acrylic and oil on collaged canvas

72″ x 49″

Taking Flight

Acrylic and glitter glue on canvas

76″ x 60″


Glitter, grommets and oil on collapsed canvas

71″ x 60″

Prima Verde

Oil, pastel and gold leaf on collaged canvas

68″ x 44″



I invite you to view the Portfolio page which features more than 150 works in categories of Oils, Paperworks, Collaged Canvas Paintings, Monoprints, Drawings, and my archive.


My Journal

Projects underway, upcoming shows, the weather in the northern Berkshires, my studio .  .  .  I write about it all in my journal.  

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Thank you for your interest in my work. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase or commission a piece, if you would like to exhibit my work or collaborate on a project.

Artist in the Northern Berkshires

Galen Cheney